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Part II

Many of the smaller censor office markings are shown below.

A separate page shows examples of several different censor labels used.

For more details see part I.

Literature recommended

Postisensuuri Soumessa 1914 - 1918 Osa 1 by Teuvo Termonen and Jorma Keturi (finnish language)
Postisensuuri Soumessa 1914 - 1918 Osa 2 by Teuvo Termonen and Jorma Keturi (finnish language)
Die Postzensur in Finnland by Hans G. Moxter (german language)

1815 Turku censorship

Turku Office

Boxed red censor handstamp in Russian language only.

Censored in Turka office on cover from Helsinki to Loimaa.

Dated 26 V 1915.

Turku Office

Posted in Åbo, 31 XII 1916 and censored in Turka with red boxed censor handstamp in Russian, Finnish and German.

This foreign mail would have been routed over St. Petersburg or Tornio before delivery to its destination in Denmark.

1916 Turku censorship

1915 Oulu censorship

Oulu Office

Postcard sent from Oulu 11 I 1915 to Raahe with red circular censor handstamp.

Pori Office

Postcard from Porvoo 9 II 1916 to Pori.

Blue censor handstamp applied in Pori.

Mixed franking of Russian 2k and Finish 5p adhesives.

1916 Pori censorship

1914 Raumo censorship

Raumo Office

10p postal stationery postcard (not valid abroad) with additional Russian 4k adhesive sent from Raumo 12 XI 14 to Stockholm, Sweden.

Raumo censormark - this could be rare example of foreign mail not censored in Helsinki or Tornio; There were Ship routes from Raumo to Sweden before and during the first months of the War .

This type of censormark was used in most offices.

Nikolaistad Office

Registered postcard from Tammerfors / Tempere dated 16 IX 1916.

Nikolaistad transit postmark and red four-line unboxed censormark of censor no. 5.

Similar markings were used at most offices.

1916 Nikolaistad censorship

Thanks to Jon Iversen for generously sharing these fine illustrations with us. Visit his Finnish philatelic web site.

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