Censored and Military Postal History

World War II - Military Mail

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U.S. Army Postal Service 


Letter to APO 2 dated 14 Feb 1944. 

APO 2 was located at Armagh, Northern Ireland at this time. 

All mail emanating from the United States was to be addressed to the appropriate APO Unit c/o Postmaster, New York.

On Active Service - FPO


Field Post Office 26 supposedly allocated to B.E.F, British Expeditionery Force, with Daynes type A100 British Army handstamp dated 27 March 1940

British Army - FPO 


On Active Service. F.P.O., Field Post Office 606: dated 24 April 1945 - based in Hamburg area 4/45 - 6/45 with shield military censor Daynes type A 600 British Army handstamp. 

Passed by writer (signature on bottom left). 

Late Irish civil censorship evidenced by arrival annotation '2 May 45 ' on reverse. Irish bilingual handstamp.

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