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United Nations Forces in Korea


Netherlands forces specially printed UN air letter sheet.

Used from Korea through United States APO: 17 Aug 1951 to Amsterdam.

United Nations Forces in Congo


Postcard from Swedish Contingent to Sweden.

In 1960 the United Nations, through the medium of the International Peacekeeping Force intervened in the former Belgian Congo.

The operation came into effect due to tribal, racial and personal conflicts in the area.

Many nations, such as Ireland, India, Sweden, participated in the Force.

United Nations Forces in Cyprus


Airmail cover superscribed 'FORCES AIR MAIL' from Irish Contingent to Ireland.

In 1963 clashes between Greeks and Turks began and a separated postal service was established in the Turkish Cypriot areas.

Franked with a 30m Cyprus adhesive cancelled 'FAMAGUSTA 10 SEP 64' also has the scarce 'Bomb' cachet that reads TURKISH BOMBS / ON CYPRUS ENDANGER / WORLD PEACE'.

United Nations Forces in Lebanon


On Active Service, Irish UN Forces mail from Lebanon to Ireland. Sent airmail and postage Free.   

Irish Forces have been in the Lebanon since 1978 when the U.N. intervened.   

UNIFIL mail passes through the United Nations Base Post Office (UNBPO) where the dated certifying handstamp is applied.

United Nations Forces in Former Yugoslavia


Cover superscribed 'Free Mail' from Swedish Contingent to Sweden.

UNPROFOR contingent included troops from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Ukraine, Poland, Jordan, the Czech Republic, Kenya, Canada, Belgium, Russia, Argentina and Nepal.

Mailed 19 Nov 1993

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