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World War II - Internee Mail

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Internment Camp: Cyprus


From Cyprus to London with double circle "No. I INTERNMENT / CYPRUS / CAMP" with manuscript date and "PASSED CENSOR/1/CYPRUS" both marks are red double circle handstamps.


Ex: Alan Brown

Internee Mail: Isle of Man 


Isle of Man Civilian Internee Mail

Return to Sender mail cover to German civilian Internee, dated 21 April 1941, from Oakland, California to Peveral Camp.

Several colourful instructional marks and handstamps.

Ex: Alan Brown

Internee Mail: Ireland


Cover from British RAF internee, Sgt. C.S. Brady, who was interned in the Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare about 25 miles from Dublin where Germans were also internees.

Four line, four language certifying Boxed red 'MILITARY MAIL' cachet as well as boxed red cachet 'PASSED BY / MILITARY CENSOR / ÉIRE'. Also resealed with pink Irish censor tape #2 and British censor tape #6745.

Oval violet bank arrival mark 'FOREIGN MAIL / 11 Mar 1942 / No. 2' is the only way to date this cover.

POW Mail: Malaya


Cover dated '5 Jun 1944' from Londonderry, Northern Ireland to British Major incarcerated in Japanese run POW camp in Malaya.

Red lozenge shaped Prisoner of War censor handstamp '(Crown) / PASSED / P.W. 446' on 3d. POW airmail postcard.

Japanese censor chop has also been applied to front of card.

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